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— About —

Denim For Peace. A simple concept. When we first thought of the idea, that’s what people told us. But what they missed was that sometimes the world’s most complicated problems have a simple solution. The underlying founding philosophy at DFP is that one effort joined with hundreds of other efforts, can together make a difference in the world. Because, whether you hail from Asia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas, in the end, we are all in it together. So, yes, it is simple, because you see we design, manufacture, and ship it, right to you! There is no one else involved. So the costs are low, the prices are reasonable and we are able to donate $10 to the charity of your choice. Simple.

— Our Philosophy —

Here at DFP we have two passions: helping people and making good denim. Now continuing in the third generation, our passion for all things denim ensures that all DFP garments have been designed according to the latest trends and that the FIT, WASH & FEEL are of the highest standards. Keeping in tandem with our greater philosophy of giving back to the global community, we vet all charity organizations rigorously to ensure that there is a diversity of causes represented.

— Our Approach —

Designed in-house, manufactured, and shipped directly to your door. Simple. Straightforward. Our teams of designers make collections according to the current fashion trends. With site access to the manufacturing plant, our designers are able to tweak and experiment with their cuts and washes. This all means that the final product is one, which has been extensively pondered and worked upon.