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Exodus Cry is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to abolishing sex slavery through Christ-centered prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims.


Human trafficking has truly become a global threat to vulnerable men, women, and children worldwide. It is an injustice that affects millions of people every year on every continent and at all socioeconomic levels. The latest global estimate according to the International Labor Organization (the United Nations agency that deals with global labor issues), calculates that nearly 21 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide.

Roughly 4.5 million of those victims are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.



Exodus Cry Prevention efforts focus on eradicating sex trafficking at its root causes and addressing the societal factors that allow slavery to exist. We seek to stop this injustice before it starts so that the victimization of women and children all over the world is eliminated. We focus our prevention efforts on three main areas: mobilizing prayer, raising awareness, and advocating for domestic and international legal reform.


Exodus Cry Intervention exists as a light in the dark places where sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation occur. The goal is to locate victims and to provide avenues of escape for those who are trapped and want a way out. Our intervention efforts occur in the Kansas City Metro area, across the United States, and around the world.


Restoration is the process of renewing a broken life and returning a person to wholeness. It is the reintegration of healthy relationships with community, God, and self.